Arkansas Land Use and Zoning Attorney

As an experienced land use attorney, Ms. Paul counsels developers and associations on all contractual and regulatory issues related to land usage and commercial zoning laws.  She provides legal expertise for a variety of land usage, planning and property development issues and represents clients before governmental entities in requests for annexation of land; rezoning of land to allow for planned uses; subdividing and platting of land; approval of site plans, building permits and special use permits for project development; and variances from existing standards. 

She analyzes local land development codes and ordinances, zoning ordinances, development regulations and other restrictions and requirements affecting the intended use of a client's proposed project.   She helps facilitate subdivision development and assists clients with the structuring of property developments into lots and common areas.  She works closely with local government officials to ensure appropriate zoning and to secure necessary permits and approvals for real estate and development projects, including all required governmental approvals for electric, water, natural gas, sewer/wastewater and other utility services required for a development project and creates the easements necessary to dedicate such utilities for the development of the lots.  She prepares the governing development covenants and restrictions that control the development and use of the land within the project boundaries.


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