Corporate Transaction Attorney in Arkansas

When you have an unresolved legal business matter, you want an experienced business transactions attorney to protect your interests. Whether you are involved in a business contract matter, are considering setting up a new business entity, or need guidance to meet the requirements of governing business law statutes, you want a lawyer who knows the law and the process - someone who has helped others in similar situations navigate the law of complex corporate transactions and business contracts.

In her extensive practice as a corporate and business transactions attorney, Ms. Paul provides transactional legal counsel in support of varied corporate pursuits and legal interests.  Ms. Paul routinely advises clients on a broad range of legal concerns pertaining to business transactions, ranging from business formation (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.), structure and dissolution of entities to the acquisition or sale of business entities.  Her experience also includes drafting, negotiating and closing stock-based transactions and asset-based transactions.

Ms. Paul's clients range from publicly owned corporations to entrepreneurs involved in the formation and financing of start-up ventures. She also advises numerous privately held companies and closely held businesses on a full spectrum of legal and business concerns.

Ms. Paul understands that choosing the right type of entity for a new business start-up is important. A business entity that is a good fit for your needs can protect you from liability, allow you to use a management style that works for you, and help you achieve larger profits.  She keeps all these things in mind when she helps her clients with their business formation issues.  Whether she is assisting clients with limited liability company formation, writing a partnership agreement, or drafting corporation bylaws and articles of incorporation, she tailors her approach to meet the operational needs, tax requirements and management styles of her clients.

Ms. Paul also provides knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel on business management and operation matters.  She helps her clients watch out for legal risks on a day-to-day basis to make sure that their business can continue to grow and prosper.

As part of her corporate practice, Ms. Paul assists clients with business purchases and sales.  Ms. Paul believes the best approach in the purchase and sale of businesses is to deal with potential risks at the outset when both sides have the most to gain.  Thus, when she helps her clients with the purchase and sales of businesses, she makes sure the documents explain the deal in clear, concise language.  She works closely with her clients so that she knows exactly what they intend in a business deal, and she focuses on putting that exact deal into words.  This approach requires a tremendous amount of care and attention to details to accomplish. 

Paul Law Firm helps clients with a wide range of matters related to the purchase and sale of businesses, including:

  • Assets
  • Limited liability company and partnership interests
  • Mergers
  • Stocks

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