Arkansas Oil and Gas Attorney / Mineral Rights Attorney

As an oil and gas attorney, Ms. Paul represents mineral, surface and royalty owners, buyers, sellers, lenders and developers in a variety of oil and gas transactions.  She is well versed in reviewing and negotiating oil and gas leases, assignments of oil and gas leases, pooling agreements and other contracts related to oil and gas interests.  She is also an experienced mineral rights attorney, providing legal expertise in evaluating mineral ownership and drafting conveyance documents related to mineral rights and interests.  Ms. Paul assists clients with such matters as reviewing and negotiating operating agreements, drafting and obtaining production and non-production affidavits and pipeline and other easement agreements relevant to the oil and gas industry, and addressing other issues that necessitate an experienced oil and gas attorney, including the purchase, sale, financing, and operation of oil and gas assets.

If you need legal counsel to guide you through the process of understanding and applying oil and gas law or mineral rights to your unique situation, contact Ms. Paul for a consultation at 479.657.6400.

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